Summer is coming!

20% OFF Speakeasy Language School German Courses

Do you want to improve your language? Are you looking for a German private course in Frankfurt? You have come to the right place! And we even have a discount for you.

Why should you take a private course?

There are many benefits in taking private courses. Firstly you’ll have a lot of time wise flexibility and secondly the content will be adjusted to your learning needs. You and your teacher will focus on your difficulties and you don’t waste any time on the themes, that you already know. That way you’ll improve your German (or another language) quickly.

Maybe you have a friend who also wants a German private course. Then the two of you could do a semi-private course. Same benefits, smaller costs. If you can’t find yourself a study-buddy, just let us know and we’ll help you.

Summer is coming! 👑 ☀

FINALLY! After a very cold and dreary winter, we are exhilarated the sound has finally shown us a glimpse of what to look forward to!

This calls for a celebration! From May 31st – June 7th, you will GET 20% OFF* at Speakeasy! How about a German Evening Course? Join us for a 4-month adventure and save €150! (That’s a cocktail a week, for your reference).

Need more flexibility? How about some private lessons? Book 30UE and save €270! (That’s A LOT of cocktails!)

You’re going away for the summer? No problem! Book your course at 20% off* NOW, and use it later!

Still not quite sure?

Are you not sure what to do now? Maybe the private course is not for you, maybe you want to learn another language than German or maybe you want group lessons. Don’t worry!

Contact us at if you have questions. You can also sign up directly for your next PRIVATE COURSE


Bis dann

The Speakeasy team

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*Deal valid on offline evening and (semi-)private courses.