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New to Germany? Here for work and want to communicate with your new colleagues in their language? Whatever your reason, we understand the urgency that comes with learning the language of the country where you are currently living. Whether you are interested in an intensive, private or conversation German course, the Speakeasy method will help you reach your goals in German to be able to effectively communicate with officials, colleagues, and new friends as quickly as possible.

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Unsure of your German language level?

Take our placement test now and we will help you to determine your current level as well as help you to find the right course. 

Our courses

Finding the right course is the first step in achieving your language goal and at Speakeasy, you will find a great variety of courses, which are designed differently but they all uphold the mission, to help you master your target language.

 Interested in a specific type of course and want to get more information? Simply send us an inquiry  (link for inquiry form below) and we’ll get back to you with all the details you need about our upcoming courses (start date, course schedule, etc.)!

Not sure which course to choose? Book a free consultation with us and we’ll promise to help you to find a course tailored to you!

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Morning Intensive & Semi-Intensive Courses

789€/From 3 Weeks
-Valid for Language Visa
- 3 weeks to complete (60 units/20 units per week)
- Classes take place every day from Monday to Friday
- 6 to 7,5 weeks to complete (60 units)
- Classes take place 2 or 3 times per week
-Certificate upon completion
*All courses include additionally 1 conversation course (from A2 level) or 1 speaking practice course (A1 level)


From54€/per unit
- 1-on-1 lessons with the teacher
- Lessons are designed to indidividual's learning needs & goals
- Lessons are scheduled based on the individual's availability
- Price per unit ranges depending on how many units are booked

Evening Standard & Semi-intensive Courses

789€/From 7,5 weeks
- 15 weeks to complete (60 units)
- Classes take place 2 times per week (3 hours/week)
- 7,5 weeks to complete (60 units)
-Classes take place 2 times per week (6 hours/week)
-Small group sizes
-Certificate upon completion
*All courses include additionally 1 conversation course (from A2 level) or 1 speaking practice course (A1 level)


From27€/per unit
- 2-on-1 lessons with the teacher
- Lessons are designed to participants' learning needs & goals
- Lessons are scheduled based on the participants' availability
- Price per unit ranges depending on how many units are booked


499€/5 weeks
- 5 weeks to complete (20 units of 60 minutes)
- Classes take place 2 times per week
- Topics include negotiations, business terminology, proposals and presentations, PR and marketing, customer service, and buzzwords/jargon/small talk
-Small group sizes
-Practice-oriented curricula
-International contacts and networking opportunities
-Practical professional support and development
-Certificate upon completion


820€/20 units
- Lessons tailored to participant(s)' needs & goals
- Lessons are scheduled to any day between 13:00h to 17:30h
- Lessons are scheduled based on the participants' availability
- Happy Hour Courses are available only for private or semi-private students

*All group courses require minimum of 3 participants and maximum 8 participants to open the course.

**Speakeasy Sprachschule is subjected to charge new students 45€ for registration fee. 

Course schedule

Please find an overview of our current and upcoming courses here.

Which course type to choose?

Online Courses:

You’re looking for an easy, anywhere in the world type of course? Then we have the perfect option for you. Pick one of our online private or group lessons and get ready to learn German from the comfort of your sofa – or the other side of the world. You can either join one of our existing group courses or try something fresh, like our newly launched online courses. Private lessons are of course also an option!

(Semi-) Private Courses:

With one or two-on-one lessons, the options are endless. You can customize the course duration, frequency, and goals according to your needs and schedule. After conducting a needs analysis profile, we assist in planning your customized course with your language teacher.

For two-on-one courses, come study with a colleague or friend at the same level as yourself. Don’t know anyone with the same level or goals? We can match you with the perfect study partner for the best of both worlds: semi-private lessons with a group dynamic. If you are looking for a personalized solution, then this is the perfect fit for you!

(Semi-) Intensive Course:

Ready to jump in feet first? The quickest way to learn a language is through total immersion. Our (Semi-) Intensive course is the answer! Within 4-10 weeks you can cover half a language level. In our carefully designed small group structure, students are given maximum practice of both the active and passive forms of the target language. If you’re looking for the most efficient level-driven course, then this is the best solution for you! A popular expat choice, for those starting a new chapter in Germany.


learn German - intensive courses
learn German in Frankfurt
Standard (Plus) Courses:

Hands down, the best choice for busy working professionals. Our Standard (Plus) Courses consist of 4-8 participants and focuses on both passive and active skill sets needed in both a professional and non-professional environment. In this way, we can assure that quality is delivered and that every participant receives maximum individual attention. Want the best of all worlds? Book our Standard Plus option where in addition to your Standard Course, you receive 20 additional hours of fine-tuning the conversational skills needed for your day-to-day life in Frankfurt.

Conversation Courses:

Looking to keep your language skills fresh? Find yourself overusing the same phrases? Let us help you mix things up in our conversation courses. Edited to focus specifically on pocket skill-sets to truly master your current language level. The length, as well as the intensity, is perfectly suited for short term learning goals.

learn German - conversation courses
learn German for kids and teens
Kids & Teens

The benefits of learning a second language at a young age are infinite. Gift your child the ability to communicate with other cultures and to understand different points of view. Speakeasy offers after-school tutoring for a variety of foreign languages, from everything from German to Japanese and French to Chinese. With years of experience and passion in teaching we have just the right combination your child will need to stay motivated, gain clearer understanding, and build their confidence in a new foreign language. We offer tailor-made solutions for your child in case they need help with keeping up with their homework, preparing for big exams, or looking for support in speaking skills. Whatever the need, Speakeasy is here to help!