Events -Speakeasy Sprachschule

Speakeasy Sprachschule – we are the Social Language School in Frankfurt, and we are very excited to welcome you. Join us and become a part of the Community.


What does it mean to be a social language school? Long story short: we don’t stay in the classroom! Apart from our language courses, we offer a variety of events in Frankfurt. Meet new friends at the Halloween party or join us for a Feierabendbierchen.


Read more about our upcoming events below.

It is of course important to learn the grammar if you want to speak German fluently. But it is far from everything. At Speakeasy we are convinced that you have to practice outside of the classroom as well. That’s why we host events for you and your classmates where you can meet new people and practice with each other. Whether it’s in German, English or another language. 


You need confidence when speaking a foreign language. That’s easier said than done, though. At our events, we make sure to create a safe space for everyone so that all participants feel included. At our events we are all even and we are all learners. 


So don’t worry; everyone is welcome!


If you have any questions about the events (or something else), you can contact us at 

"Learning a language is a challenge, as is living in a foreign city, but Speakeasy really works hard to bring a fun, social and cultural atmosphere to the school."

Thomas E.

"This is hands down the best language school I have ever been to."

Joël L.

"Además de su excelente valor académico, el lugar es elegante, moderno y organizado. Más importante aún: el ambiente es de familia."

Carla E.

"Friendly atmosphere, good teachers, highly recommended. A++."

Ankit A.