Gift Cards

Do you need some gift ideas for upcoming birthdays, events or special occasions? Then one of the Speakeasy gift cards is the perfect present to give someone!

Choose from a selection of 4 gift cards:

Language for travel: 79€
When traveling somewhere new, it is always nice to know a few words and sentences in the language that is spoken there. So, gift someone the language for travel gift card and attend a (semi-) private course together or they can attend on their own to prepare for the next trip.

Language for conversation: 69€

Do you know someone who is learning German and would like to practice their spoken German more? Then gift them the language for conversation gift card, so they can practice having a conversation in German with a group of people at the same language level.

Language for business: 89€

Do you know someone who is applying for or starting a new job? Then the langauge business gift card would be the perfect gift! They would be able to practice their professional language skills in a private course and focus on vocabulary that is specified to their job/field.

Speakeasy Gift Card: Amount of your choice!

If you want to gift someone the gift of learning a language then the speakeasy gift card is a great option! Add an amount of your choice to the card, so the person receiving it can book their next course at Speakeasy with a discount. Who doesn’t love a discount right?

Give someone the gift of language, because learning a new language is always a good idea! Contact us to pre-order your gift card now or purchase one directly at the school!