Corporate courses

Business vocabulary in another language is essential to expanding the range in topics and conversations at work. Support your staff and leadership in learning languages ​​or training in specific subject areas. Here at Speakeasy, we offer group lessons and individual private training with a corporate language curriculum specifically designed for your business or department.

In addition to language training, a needs analysis will be conducted because it is important to us that everyone’s needs are taken into account while planning and organizing a course together. Thus, the language courses can take place at the school or at your company and the hours are flexible to accommodate everyone’s schedule.

What we offer:

  • Customized language curriculum in English or German
  • Field specific vocabulary
  • Flexibility with times & location
  • Skills oriented program
  • Needs & goals centered approach


For inquiries or further questions, you can contact us directly via telephone (069 24249525) or e-mail ( We look forward to working with you! Here you will also find a brief overview of Speakeasy and our partners, with whom we have already worked with.