Make Memories – Learn a Language!

Do you need to freshen up a language for your holiday? Take a private language course at Speakeasy Sprachschule in Frankfurt and get ready to mingle with the locals!

Make memories – learn a language!

Traveling is always fun and who doesn’t enjoy a good holiday? Exploring a new city, trying new food, mingling with the locals. The last bit – mingling with the locals – can be hard, especially if you don’t speak their language. Sure, you can get by with English many places but to really earn their trust you’ll need to speak their language, or at least try to.

For example in Germany most people speak more English than they’ll admit. So yes, you can go to Germany and talk to people without any German knowledge. But trust me, if you try speaking a bit of German instead, you’ll see a smile of relief on their faces and they will open up to you on another level.

Languages open doors

Learning a new language is not just about studying grammar and vocabulary. It’s about getting to know another culture and other people. It’s about broadening your horizon. But it can be hard –  learning a new language is a lot of work!

Haven’t we all avoided taking the time to finally pick up that German book again? Haven’t we all felt that our English is only just good enough to get by on holiday? We encourage you to take a leap! You should not have to worry about not making the connections you had hoped for. You should not have to be too embarrassed to approach new people. We’ve got you!

Take a private language course here in Frankfurt and get ready to explore.

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Not sure what to do now?

Are you hesitating? Not quite sure what the next step is, if you want group or private lessons or if a language course even is for you? Don’t worry, we’ll help you along.

Contact us at and we will talk about what you need for your language journey.


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