Kids & Teens

The benefits of learning a foreign language at a young age are countless. Not only does it open our minds to new perspectives, but it opens doors in our future career goals. We at Speakeasy have a lot of experience in teaching children and teens and helping them in their foreign language mastery. Whether motivating and clarifying students with their homework, preparing for high school exams, or rehearsing for a big oral presentation, we have the experience and methodology to bring your child’s ability to the next level.

Course types

After school tutoring

Does your child need help with homework or preparation for a big test? Our teachers help your child to get through the school year without the frustration and the stress. We provide regular after-school tutoring to make sure your child stays on track from week one.

Our services also include coming to your home for after-school tutoring.

We offer tutoring mainly in one-to-one or two-on-one lessons, as it is important for us to be able to respond to the students’ individual needs.

Exam preparation (Abitur)

We all know the anxiety and intensive preparation for Abitur examinations, whether written or oral. Our skilled teachers know the exam topics of each language every school year and can help your child graduate from high school with confidence and self-assurance.

We offer this type of course in a one-on-one or two-on-one course, as it is important for us to be able to respond to their individual needs.

Holiday camp

Do you want to improve your child’s English during the school holidays?
In our fun and playful holiday camps, your child will practice the language with children of the same age, while having fun engaging in interactive activities, such as scavenger hunts at the zoo or making crepes. 

Just contact us for the next holiday camp!


"Learning a language is a challenge, as is living in a foreign city, but Speakeasy really works hard to bring a fun, social and cultural atmosphere to the school."

Thomas E.

"This is hands down the best language school I have ever been to."

Joël L.

"Además de su excelente valor académico, el lugar es elegante, moderno y organizado. Más importante aún: el ambiente es de familia."

Carla E.

"Friendly atmosphere, good teachers, highly recommended. A++."

Ankit A.