Why Speakeasy?

With so many choices for language schools, why choose Speakeasy? Because we focus on our customers and their needs while also rounding off your language course with additional services.

We strongly believe that language learning enhances one’s own horizons and that the security with which one can express oneself in a foreign language is a very important aspect. We try to convey this self-confidence in a relaxed atmosphere and small group courses.

With our many events, we also offer the opportunity to practice language skills with other participants from other courses – and of course have a lot of fun. This is our secret recipe for successfully learning a foreign language!

Team Foto

The team

Founder and CEO
Amy Fletcher
Founder and CEO
Director of Strategic Planning and Operations
Valentina Mardegan
Director of Strategic Planning and Operations
Head of Marketing and Corporate Relations
Juliane Utz
Head of Marketing and Corporate Relations
Community and Brand Manager
Julia Rilling
Community and Brand Manager
Admission Manager
Anna Sinning
Admissions Manager
Business Relations Manager
Juan Garcia
Business Relations Manager
nikita kulikov I photography
Allix James
Community and Relationship Manager

"Learning a language is a challenge, as is living in a foreign city, but Speakeasy really works hard to bring a fun, social and cultural atmosphere to the school."

Thomas E.

"This is hands down the best language school I have ever been to."

Joël L.

"Además de su excelente valor académico, el lugar es elegante, moderno y organizado. Más importante aún: el ambiente es de familia."

Carla E.

"Friendly atmosphere, good teachers, highly recommended. A++."

Ankit A.