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Planning to study abroad? Are you looking to transfer to a more international company? There are many reasons why it’s always good to sharpen your English know-how. From private business tuition to practicing your presentation skills in an intensive English course, Speakeasy will help you reach your goals in English. As English is seen as a basic skill nowadays, let us help you advance your English to be more effective and precise in communication with fellow team members.

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Course schedule

Please find an overview of our current and upcoming courses here.

Private & Semi-Private Courses

From49€/ UE
1-on-1 lessons (private)
2 students (semi-private)
Flexible student plan
Dates by appointment
Tailored needs


From639€/ From 4 Weeks
4-8 students
Monday - Friday from 9am to 12pm
2 - 3 times per week available both in mornings and evenings

standard evening Group Courses

4-8 students
2 times per week
Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday
from 6:30pm - 8pm or from 8pm -9:30pm

Course types

(Semi-) Private Courses:

Need to prepare for a presentation last minute? Do you have a job interview coming up in English? Private lessons are the fastest and most effective way to perfect your language skills.  Whether before or after a long work day, or even on the weekend, we offer our private lessons based around your busy schedule. Starting off with a needs analysis profile, we assist in planning your customized course with your native English teacher.

Looking for flexibility, but with a group dynamic? Semi-Private lessons give you the best of both worlds. Sign up with a friend or let us match you with the perfect study partner, based on a partner-matching profile.

(Semi-) Intensive Course:

Under pressure? Got a deadline? A (Semi-) Intensive course will help you cover the most material in the shortest amount of time. An intensive course gives you the benefits of immersion, without the jetlag. With our native teachers from English speaking countries around the world, we can help you master your preferred accent of English right here in Frankfurt. All of our intensive courses consist of small groups in order to create an atmosphere that gives each student maximum attention.

Pack your bags and head over to Speakeasy!

learn English in Frankfurt at Speakeasy Sprachschule
Standard (Plus) Courses:

Join other working professionals in one of our evening standard courses to keep your English language skills ahead of the curve. Focusing on skill sets, such as presenting, email writing, chairing meetings, our standard (plus) courses are the perfect balance between professional and personal goals. Boost your confidence in English through methodological vocabulary building and result-driven speaking exercises.

Book our Standard-Plus option, where in addition to your Standard Course, you receive 20 additional hours of fine-tuning the conversational skills needed for your professional and private life.

Conversation Courses:

Looking to keep your language skills fresh? Find yourself overusing the same phrases? Let us help you mix things up in our conversation courses. Edited to focus specifically on pocket skill-sets to truly master your current language level. The length, as well as the intensity, is perfectly suited for short term learning goals.

learn English conversation courses
Kids & Teens

The earlier a child is introduced to a second language, the greater the chances are that the child will become truly proficient in the language. Whether in primary school with English or in secondary school with French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese or Chinese. Even if you have just moved to Germany, we have after-school tutoring to help your child with their German or English schoolwork. Since the beginning, Speakeasy has prided itself on teaching the brilliant minds of tomorrow. We will help your child understand their homework, prepare for exams, and everything in between to keep their young minds active in their foreign language. Contact us today for more information on upcoming courses!