How to get the most of you German language course

German language school in Frankfurt

German language course in Frankfurt?

Are you looking for a German language school in Frankfurt? Then join us at Speakeasy Sprachschule. Take an intensive course in the morning if you are looking to improve fast or join an evening course if you are working in the daytime. Read more about our German courses on our website.

How to get the most out of your course

When you’re spending money on a German course, you’d want to get the most out of it, right? Here you have 3 tips on how to learn or improve your German skills:

1. Learn the rules, then forget them again

German has a lot of rules. They are of course important for the language learning but they can also be a hindrance. Especially, when you’re practicing speaking. There’s no time to look up how to conjugate “haben” when you’re in the middle of a conversation. That’s why you should try and put the rules aside when you’re speaking and just speak. With time and practice it will all come together.

2. Don´t be afraid to make mistakes

We all make mistakes and that’s how we learn! That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to make them. Easier said that done, I know. But try anyway. And honestly people will never think you’re  stupid for mispronouncing a word, they will think you’re brave for trying.

3. Practice, practice and practice a bit more

The boring answer to “how to learn German” is: practicing. Practice with your neighbour, your local barista and in your language school. Every word counts!

The new morning course edition

Time for a revamp! We have spent many, many hours re-evaluating our German courses and have reworked our (semi-) intensive morning courses to make them even better for you! Join our language school for 72UE over the course of 4 weeks and utilise the Fridays for some conversation practice in the city of Frankfurt! We can’t wait to see you thrive in our new morning courses! Fill in THIS form and we will contact you – we have new courses starting every month!

Not quite sure?

Are you not quite sure what level you are, what course to take, or if you even want a language course? Don’t hesitate to contact us at and we will happily help you along!

Liebe Grüße

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