Yet another COVID-update

We hope you’ve been well and healthy! Since COVID and the restrictions that come with it will still be accompanying us through the colder months, we wanted to reach out with a reminder of Speakeasy’s hygiene guidelines. Please read through til the end 😊

Please follow these steps in order to stay healthy and keep everyone safe:

General hygiene:

  • Wear a mask when entering the school premises and only remove it when you’re seated in your classroom. The mask is mandatory in all the common areas, like the restrooms, kitchen and hall.
  • Disinfect your hands when entering the school and your classroom. We provide hand sanitizer in the entrance area, as well as in every classroom.
  • Wash your hands regularly.

Feeling unwell:

  • As flu season has started and we are all more prone to getting a cold or the flu, we advise you to check yourself and your symptoms before coming to the school. There is always the possibility to join the course from home until you feel better. Please inform us in advance in case you’re feeling unwell, before coming to the school.
  • Please inform us immediately if you have been in contact with someone positive to COVID, if you have travelled to a high-risk country or if you need to get tested. Knowing your test results as well as the above information, we can act accordingly.
  • In case someone from your course or you have tested positive, we will temporally move your course online for the required time period.


We’re able to offer coffee, tea and water again!

  • In order to use the coffee machine properly, we kindly ask you to sanitize your hands before using it with the sanitizer directly next to it. Please use the paper cups for hot beverages and throw them away after you’re finished.
  • For water, feel free to use our glasses in the kitchen and fill them up with tap water or your own beverages. When finished, we kindly ask you to put your own glass away in the dishwasher, not in the sink.

Together we can stay safe and keep the Speakeasy community as healthy as possible. If you have any questions or ideas, we would be happy to hear them.

We look forward to seeing you at the school! 😊

Bleibt gesund!

Viele Grüße

Euer Speakeasy Team