Summer is here!

Well, as I look out of the window it’s actually pouring with rain but hey my glass is half full – the days are long and there is fun to be had. Frankfurt may be known for its financial centre and airport hub, but it also has a veritable cultural underbelly as well as many a hotspot teeming with life. Where to start? On a sunny day (I look up…no, it’s still raining), why not make your way down to the river? Where time can get the better of you over a drink at the Yacht Klub or Main-Cocktail Bar.

For a great view why not try City Beach?  A beach on top of a building!!! Mixing beach and city life – does it get any better?! Rio eat your heart out!

Get artistic at the same time as enjoying the great outdoors – brush up your Shakespeare at Shakespeare in the Garden in the lush surroundings of the Botanical Gardens. This year’s production is Macbeth starring Jackie, one of our teachers – we can’t wait to see it!

Friedberger Platz is a must! Feel the summer vibe in the heart of the city. On a Friday the attractive square comes alive with food stalls (not just Bratwurst) along with a diverse range of the region’s wine…Hmmm lecker! However, if this isn’t enough to satisfy your wine cravings (we’re not in France after all) move further afield – the Rheingau is right around the corner. Vineyards line hillsides along the Rhein; stretch your legs as you hike through this beautiful area before stopping for a glass of wine, the view stretching out below you.

With the Rheingau in mind, escape the pressures of city life and re-connect with your own thoughts. Get out of the city (that’s an order) and go hiking! Looming above Frankfurt sits the Taunus Hills Nature Park. Hike amongst the nature before climbing the highest peak of the Feldberg.

Make your way back to the hubbub of the city, after a long hike you might find you want to flop onto the transport to carry you through the busyness around you. Why not sip on some Apple wine as the city passes you by? What better way to revel in this than to board the Ebbel Wei Express – a tram full of wine and pretzels, wie geil ist das denn?!

Whatever you do this summer in and around Frankfurt be sure to share your tips and adventures with us!

Happy Days!