Short Conversation Courses

What’s most fun about learning a language? Exactly! Being able to speak it and express your thoughts in that new language you’re trying to conquer. Since our generations seems to feel uncomfortable comitting to things, we’ve created new shorter  conversation courses for our German learners!

Freshen up your speaking skills in our new 4-week long conversation courses. The lessons take place once per week from 17.15-18.15 and of course, are divided by levels so everyone feels comfortable practicing! The schedule is as follows:

Mondays, 17.15-18.15: A1 and A2 levels

Tuesdays, 17.15-18.15: B1 and B2 levels

Thursdays, 17.15-18.15: all C levels

We haven’t even told you the best part about it yet! The course comes at a fee of only 69€!

Sounds convincing, right?

Sign up by filling out our enrollment form here.