Extended – Private Lesson Special

Exciting news: we‘ll be back at the school for private lessons very soon! We‘re currently working hard on making the school a safe and healthy place for you, our teachers, and our staff. To sweeten your waiting time, we‘re offering special discounts on our private packages, valid until Wednesday, May 6th at midnight (Book now, pay now)! Now, let’s get to know them better…

The Jet-Setter – 10 units

Perfect for a long weekend or the learner on-the-go. This package will introduce polish and flair to those stiff presentations or stuffy business meetings. Is that a new tan you’ve got? No, it’s fine-tuned grammar.

Save 50€! Only 440€!


The Explorer – 30 units

Ever been the road less travelled?  Deep dive into complex conversations and uncover tricky grammar points to help your language skills break out of the ordinary. Warning: no box-tickers here.

Save 75€! Only 1275€!


The Perfectionist – 50 units

Trust us, we get annoyed at bad grammar too. So let’s own up to our idiosyncrasies and finish a half language level knowing all t’s are crossed and all umlauts dotted. Qualified language exam? You definitely got this!

Save 100€! Only 2050€!


The Local – 100 units

Don’t settle for tourist talk. Rant like a resident. Pontificate like a politician. Whatever your angle, sound credible. Round off an entire language level with the nuances that demonstrate your investment into understanding not just the grammar, but the people.

Save 150€! Only 3750€!


So tell us – which type are you?

You can enroll for any of the private packages here. We look forward to getting you started!

Your Speakeasy Team