Offline or online language course?

online language course

If there is something we have learned in the last (almost) two years, it is that most things are possible online, including learning new languages. There are both advantages and disadvantages to online learning as there is with anything else. Thus, consider what your preferences and needs are before deciding whether to take an online or on-site language course.


When choosing whether to take an offline course or an online course, you should think about what your schedule looks like during the week. Is your job or studies flexible? Would your commute to the lesson on-site be long or short?

Online lessons offer great flexibility that you don’t get with offline teaching. It gives you the opportunity to study from wherever you are at the time as long as you have a stable internet connection. That way you don’t have any travel time and you can take your lessons in between other tasks.

Learning environment

You should also consider if you have the proper equipment for taking online classes. Do you have a computer with a microphone, sound and camera? Is your internet connection strong enough to stay online for the whole lesson?

In addition to the internet connection, the learning space is important as well. Do you have somewhere to sit without interruption or distractions for the course? Is the environment you are in quiet enough to concentrate in?

You should ask yourself these questions before deciding to take an online course because if you don’t have the right equipment or have an ideal environment to work in, you are not going to get the most out of your online lesson.

The contact to your fellow students

Another factor is how much contact you would like to have with your fellow students. Having lessons online means that you will not have the same social interactions you usually do when you are offline, meaning you will have a lot less contact with both teacher and  fellow students. Some people are totally okay with that, and others miss that factor when taking online lessons. Think about what you feel most comfortable with and what your preferences are before deciding on your course type.

How do you learn the best?

Some students prefer face-to-face lessons and learn better when they are sitting in front of the teacher. Others do not have a preference or learn better in the comfort of their own home. Think about what your experience has been so far. How do you feel about zoom meetings at work? Do you feel more or less motivated when you are working online? Do you prefer social interactions in person, or do you prefer working from home alone?

Thinking about these things might be a guideline for you when choosing course type.

You still don’t know?

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