How to learn a language with a friend

How to learn a language

For many language learners it’s hard to stay motivated. That’s why having a learning partner is a big plus. Having a friend who is going through the same as you, helps you in the learning process and helps you staying motivated.

Here are a couple of tips on how you can learn a language with a friend.

1. Make a plan – what are your goals?

Before you start your language journey together, you should make a plan. Do you want to learn from an app or take a language course? What are your goals? Do you want to be able to order a coffee or learn an entire level? Have a little talk with your friend and write down what you want and how you want to achieve it.

2. Follow the plan

When you have made the plan, stick to it! At this point you’ll see the benefits of learning with a friend. Hold each other accountable to the plan that you have made. Maybe the plan needs editing throughout the process – you might learn faster than you first thought – but help each other sticking to the plan you’ve made.

3. Learn from each other

We don’t learn in the same pace. You might find speaking easier than your friend and on the other hand your friend might learn the grammar quickly. Learn from each other’s strengths. A tip is to plan a weekly or monthly (depending on your goals) date where you meet for an hour or two and talk about what you have learned and what you don’t really understand so far. Discussing your problems is the first step in solving them.

4. Do things together in the language

What is your common interest? Do you both like reading, watching movies or going to the theatre? Then do this in the language that you want to learn and discus it afterwards – and try to discuss it in the target language.

5. Celebrate your successes!

When you have achieved your goals, celebrate! Go out for a coffee, enjoy a beer together, or even better – take a holiday together in the country of you target language!

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