Corona Spring Break Survival Tips

In the times of uncertainty and working from home, we thought we would offer you our very own spring break survival pack. Wouldn’t our lives be much happier, if we would all be moving in the same direction and helping each other out in these weird times? Let’s keep the positive vibes alive – at least we can all enjoy the sunshine from in front of our windows as well and work on our pale winter skin.

1) Online German Courses

No matter if you’re working from home or are in quarantine at home – put on some pants, grab your notebook and join our online German courses! Not only will it help you learn and improve your German skills, you can also use the time to socialise and speak to others via Skype! Who said the digital world makes us feel more alone, when you can meet new people that easily? The courses take place 3 times per week for about 2,5 weeks. More info at the provided link!

2) Spring Clean on Spotify

Is there a better mood booster than music? It makes every part of your life better – cleaning, cooking or even while you’re busy working away. Given the right tunes, life is just more fun. Check out our favorite spring cleaning playlist on Spotify here. We promise, you won’t be disappointed!

3) What’s trending on Netflix?

Let’s be honest – Netflix is the best invention since sliced bread. Are you all caught up with the newest shows that everybody is talking about? If you love yourself some romantic drama, we would recommend “Love is Blind” – a show that the entire Speakeasy cast binge watched within a few days. If that is too reality show-y for you, we recommend the gripping docu-series “Dirty Money”, any crime show, really (why are they so damn interesting?). Oh, and in case you missed it in the movies – “Hidden Figures” is finally on Netflix as well! Go check it out!

4) Tune into Podcasts!

Podcasts are a great way to stay up to date, expand your horizion and is a nice change to watching tv. Here is a great podcast from Krista Tippett called “On Being” where she interviews someone from artists to physicists to spiritual leaders about the nature of their childhood and its spiritual grounding and the nature of the world as they grew up to see it. This show always has a bigger than the person feel and feels grounding and uplifting:

5) Last, but most importantly: Stay at home!

It sounds annoying, especially since you’ve probably heard it from all sides by now, but staying inside is the most important tip. Read more books, try new recipes, talk to your loved ones on any mobile device. We’re lucky to live in 2020, where you can reach everyone from anywhere. It looks tempting, especially since spring is (finally) around the corner. Don’t go to that nice café in your neighborhood, don’t meet your friends for a walk. This will all soon be over.


Stay safe and healthy!

Your Speakeasy Team