Neue Online Kurse

We’re here to help you advance your German skills even when you’re stuck at home and feeling isolated. Speakeasy never disappoints when it comes to fun, new German classes! We have developed three new options for students that are new to Germany. Take one (or all!) of our fabulous online German classes and make your time at home worthwhile! It’s only 199€ for 20 units, either from 12.30 – 14 or 17 – 18.30. Three times per week for a maximum of 5 students.


S.O.S. – Erste Hilfe Deutsch

Keep buying apples because you haven’t learnt any other “Obst” in German? Want to order something fancy, but only know how to ask for “Bier”? Can’t even begin to describe which tooth is aching? Don’t you worry – we’ve got you sorted! Join our S.O.S German class to learn vocabulary and practise typical everyday situations such as:

  • At the hairdresser’s 
  • At the dentist’s 
  • At the gym
  • At the shopping centre
  • At the train station
  • At the pub
  • At the airport


Life in Germany – Leben in Deutschland

The most German of all German courses. This gem teaches you practical topics about life in Germany. In addition to specific vocabulary needed to get round when living in Germany, you will get valuable information on all the things that make Germans so very German. Become an expert in the following fields and you won’t ever want to take off your Lederhosen again!

  • Waste separation
  • Health system
  • Finding a flat and all that it entails
  • The Bundesländer
  • Schufa
  • German school system
  • Driving licences 
  • GEZ
  • Taxes in Germany
  • Buying a car in Germany (insurance, taxes, …)


Oh my god…that’s SO German! – Typisch Deutsch!

There are endless clichés about Germans and Germany. While they are often simply amusing quirks, there is usually some truth to them. Let’s find out which ones are nothing but a myth and which ones actually are a vital part of German culture. This is more than just a list of fun facts to share at the next party. Clichés teach you all about a country, its inhabitants, and how life works. Trust our nifty tipps on what to believe and when not to be fooled. You’ll be surprised! 

  • Germans are very pedantic when it comes to waste separation
  • Germans love pets
  • Germans love saving money
  • CARS!
  • German pedestrians will always obey the red light
  • What Germans do on a Sunday
  • Punctuality is extremely important
  • Did someone say Feierabend?


Idioms – Das sagt man so!

In German, there is a word for every imaginable thing. If there isn’t, we will build you one! But have you truly mastered the many variations the German language has to offer? Depending on the region, the situation, and the intention, there are endless ways of getting your message across! This course teaches idioms, expressions, and figures of speech, practises typical colloquialisms, and tests how well you’ve internalised them. Truly spruce up your speech with this course!

  • Die Gedulsprobe
  • Der Weltschmerz
  • Papperlapapp
  • Das Fingerspitzengefühl
  • Der Kummerspeck


Don’t let the current situation bring you down. Pick one of the courses and practice your German from your couch! Get in touch with us at!