A slice of joy in the heart of Frankfurt.

Heaven is a state of mind, not a location – Wayne Dyer

That being said we have a slice of it right here. You will step out into the hustle and bustle of Hauptwache, with its cessation of bars, shops, restaurants and cafes all seated at the start of the Zeil, and you’ll think – “damn, they’ve got it going on!” Or something to that effect. There’s no denying that Speakeasy has lucked out when it comes to location.

Frankfurt may well be known for its financial centre and airport hub, but it also has a veritable cultural underbelly; a place of ideas and cultural exchange in which Speakeasy is a full-time member. We sit in a part of the city best described as a hotspot teeming with life; Frankfurters are proud of it, and rightly so!

After class, grab your classmates by the hand and get out there – the city is your oyster, and we’re right there in the pearl. Where to start? Are we really complaining about their being too much choice? A millennial trait if ever there was one. In the beauty of a baking Frankfurt summer why not get down to the river and enjoy a drink in one of the numerous riverside bars? Man, I’m craving the summer! Enjoy the lusciousness of the city’s urban and leafy mix – tranquillity with a buzz.

For great views, you are in a city that sports beaches and Christmas markets on top of skyscrapers. Yes, you read that correctly. A beach on top of a building!!! Mixing beach and city life – does it get any better?! Rio eat your heart out!

Food plays a big part in this city; fine dining aside, Frankfurt is awash with great markets serving a tonne of street food options. From bratwurst to stalls, up to their eyeballs in green sauce, this city has it all. And if you really want to be a part of the vibe – tuck in! Hmmm lecker!

Feeling cultural? Read up on Faust in your target language, before walking around the corner and checking out the historic Goethe Haus. Learn all about Frankfurt’s most famous artistic and literary figure. With a location like this, you’ll wonder whether if, like Faust, we also made a deal with the Devil.

If there wasn’t already a treasure trove of activities to do in this city, Frankfurt is also fantastically located for an assortment of other adventures. Try hiking in the Taunus Hills National Park, with stunning views over the Main and Rhein rivers. Or beat a path even further afield by visiting the perfectly preserved old town of Heidelberg. I could write about the possible adventures all day long.

You’ve guessed it, at Speakeasy we are proud of our location in this city we love so much. A city crafted into the very heartbeat and feeling of our school; you will have already read about our bright and embracing classrooms, lovingly named after the vibrant areas of this wonderful place. Speakeasy isn’t just well located it is the location. I might even go a step further and say that, with the big warm hug I experience every time I am within these walls, I feel Speakeasy is also not just a location but a state of mind. Boom! That’s this week’s Thursday Thoughts for you. Good night and good luck.