4 Things to do in Frankfurt in the Winter

It’s here, the dark cold days of winter. Some days we just want to snuggle up under a cozy blanket and not leave our warm apartments. But, on those other days that we want to get out and enjoy the city – what is there to do? Here are our Top 4 Things to do in Frankfurt in the Winter.

Ebbelwoi Express


Have you seen that small old trolley going around the city that’s painted in red with cartoon pictures? It operates every holiday, Saturday and Sunday from 13:30-19:45. For only €8 per person or €3.50 per child up to 14 years old, you can spend an hour touring around the city with a bottle of Apfelwine & a bag of pretzels (or apple juice or water) in hand. Tickets can be purchased on the tram from the conductor for a roundtrip journey.

Tip: wait for a free seat before boarding otherwise you’ll be standing trying to drink your beverage and eat your pretzels.

Großer Feldberg


Do you miss snow? Do you want to build a snowman or fall down and make a snow angel? Or, engage in a snowball fight with some friends? Grab your car (or take the bus) up to Großer Feldberg. On many days in the winter when Frankfurt doesn’t have any snow, Großer Feldberg has plenty to play in. Towering 880 meters, it is the highest elevation of the Taunus mountains.

Tip: Check the webcam link above to see if there’s snow on the ground. Also, sometimes when it’s grey in Frankfurt, you’re above the clouds in Großer Feldberg and have total sunshine.



Frankfurt has many options if you want to go for an indoor swim or benefit from some time in the sauna. Above is a link for all of the indoor swimming and saunas offered by the city of Frankfurt. In addition, you can go to privately own venues – such as Meridian Spa on the top floor of Skyline Plaza. Here you can buy a day pass to use the pools, saunas and even the gym.

Tip: Bring your own towel & flip-flops as well as change for the lockers. Also, if you’re going in the sauna – check to see if bathing suits are permitted.



Located near Hauptwache is the Kleinmarkthalle offering different types of prepared foods, produce and drinks 6 days of the week (weekdays 8:00-18:00 and Saturdays 8:00-16:00). With almost 1200 square meters and 60+ dealers, you’re sure to find something to fancy your tastebuds.

Tip: Looking for produce that’s hard to find? You’re more than likely to find it at one of the stalls at Kleinmarkthalle.

We hope these ideas help get you out of the house in the winter. What do you like to do in the winter in Frankfurt? Let us know!